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From saving a few bucks to health benefits, riding a bike is always a good choice, even more in today’s crammed traffic and always time demanding world of business. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town in the countryside or the heart of New York City, riding a bike will have something good for you.
Traffic avoidance
Nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic and riding a bike will free you from this curse, as you can just pass through the gaps between the cars.
Road blocked? No problem, step down, use the sidewalk and go ahead.
But if a bicycle is good, a motorcycle is even better, right? No, depending on the size of the motorcycle, you won’t fit in the gap. Also, you can’t chain it to a rail or post to avoid theft, and most of the benefits that you’d have with a bicycle would be lost.

Crowded public transportation? I don’t think so
Public transportation can be a very frustrating experience, even more than a crammed traffic. Depending on the hour and the day, you will feel like you are inside a tin can. Besides that, public transportation has time limits that can let you down in the direst situation, either because they are closed or because the bus driver is not in a good mood and is driving slower than a snail’s pace. That being said, you could plan your life better with the time you will free by saying goodbye to these hellish experiences.
Saving money
This benefit is a direct consequence of the previous ones. You won’t have to pay for gas. You won’t have to worry about traffic tickets nor pay for the transportation ones. The less you waste on those things, the more you will have at the end of the month. Remember that trip to Fiji you always wanted? Save the money and go!
Good for the planet
Not only of economic benefits the human lives. Taking care of our home planet is as important as having a comfortable life, but if we destroy everything, there will be no money that is going to be able to give you the comfort you want.
The space that a car would occupy is also a point to be considered, as you could store around 20 bicycles instead.
Getting fit
The planet is saved, the trip to Fiji is now a real possibility, but what about getting fit for the beach?
Biking is a good call to lose some pounds, as not only our thighs and arms move when we pedal, but the whole body. One hour of pedaling is equivalent to 288 calories, considering a person that weights around 160 pounds, but the good news is that the more you weight, more calories you will burn.
A stronger heart
While pedaling, our heart beast more rapidly and like any other muscle, the more exercised it is, stronger it gets. That would be good news by itself, but a stronger heart means faster flux of blood in the vessels, which can carry more oxygen to cells and boost your energy throughout the day. Remember, 1h of pedaling a day keeps the heart attack at bay.
Fighting diabetes
The same principle applies here. When you pedal, you burn calories, that is, the energy that is stored in your body as fat, but also the glucose that are stored in the cells and the glucose that is circulating in the vessels is converted to energy to fuel the body, a win-win scenario.
Contrary to popular belief, people who suffer from arthritis can and should practice exercises and sports, for they help to alleviate the pain, as the repetitive motion without the constant impact that a walk would provide is awesome to decrease the stiffness of the joints by incentivizing the production of fluids by the body, thus lubricating the joint, reducing even further the level of pain felt by the afflicted after some time.
Brain benefits
Pedaling can incentive the creation of new blood vessels and, which deliver more oxygen to the brain, boosting the creation of new neurons in the hippocampus, a region inside the brain that is responsible for the spatial memory and the consolidation of information coming from the short-term memory and being stored in the long-term memory, which lead to better maintenance of the memories. The hippocampus, named this way for its resemblance seahorse is a vital part of the brain but also one of the most fragile, as it starts deteriorating after the 30 years and is one of the first to suffer the consequences of Alzheimer.
Better sex life
If none of the above was enough to make you switch your car for a bicycle, then this one will.
Riding a bicycle improves your cardiac strength as mentioned, making the blood to circulate faster and giving your cells more energy, but as a study from the University of Ohio suggests, the vascular health gained from the pedaling can also improve the sex drive and even delay the symptoms of menopause.
Speaking of sex, biking regularly can decrease the time for pregnant women to recover after the birth and help them to have easier labors.

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