Maintenance of carbon bicycle wheels

Maintenance of carbon bicycle wheels

It is clear that carbon wheels are the best when it comes to cycling. The tire is often the best material with great performance and best components. The carbon wheel is durable because it is comprised of fiber whose strength and low weight are outstanding.

Does that, however, mean you should not look after the tire? Special care and maintenance is required to ensure the bike is performing optimally. Some of the needed care acts are simple, but many forget, leading to poor performance.

Even the best product require care to enable the bike to perform well and ensure a safe ride for a long time. It makes no sense to buy a good product but stay with it for a short period. If you want service for years, then follow the stated tips below.

Pre-ride inspection

The bicycle is one of the means used for transport in the world. This means that pre-checkups are required before any ride. You are required to inspect the brake pads to confirm they are free of debris. They should not be glazed over and not worn out past the wear indication.

Rims braking surface should be free of chips, bilges, cracks and fiber lifting. Do not make a mistake of taking a ride with an affected wheel cell. You could use a warranty or buy a new tire.


To get the performance that carbon wheel is meant for, it is essential to follow the steps below.

Always use the designed brake pads for carbon tire. Do not purchase any product that does not complement the carbon material. The correct pads have molded shape to help in breaking the surface.

Use the correct braking technique by evenly distributing brake force. The impact should be almost equal between the front and rear brakes.

Abstain from prolonged braking like dragging that causes heat buildups. Carbon rims require less heat to help them dissipate heat buildup within the brakes.

Sit upright on the bicycle to avoid another rag on your body. This causes a difference in force impacts. Adapt the stop analogy anytime you feel surging sensation. After you have stopped, seek services from professionals.

If you have V brakes, just watch as you spin. It enables you to make sure the brake blocks do not make contact with the rim.

On the other hand, both sides of disc brakes need a checkup. Make sure both rotors on each wheel are compatible, smooth and straight. Do not ever touch the rotor during this process.



Sometimes you might feel that just because you have a quality product, it is indestructible. During your ridding or hike periods, avoid hitting debris, potholes or rocks. It is always hard to crash but always inspect the tires after the ride.

Slowly inspect the rim surface to ensure there are no cracks, fiber peels, and chips. If there is severe damage, do not worry since many carbon wheel companies have a five-year warranty.

General maintenance

These are the simple things avoided, but they are impactful. To ensure wheels continue to function optimally, carry out the stated guide below.

Wash your rims with mild soap regularly.  Remember, a clean rim is not only simple to inspect, but also looks appealing.

Store your tires in a dry place before embarking on the ride. Always apply some self-control measures and avoid riding wet wheels.

Keep your bicycle away from sunlight. Though it is hard, avoid exposing it to direct UV light for long periods. The light can discolor resin over time.

Anytime you replace the wheel, have it checked for true and spoke tension. A proper carbon tire does not require re-tensioning. It does not also need frequent truing other than the intervals at which you replace wheels.

Always use tire levers when installing and removing wheels. Avoid using metal objects such as screwdrivers, skewers, and metal tire levers. The reason to this is that scarping glue or materials attached to carbon rims do not need a metal. The solution is that you only need acetone of alcohol, which has no after-effects on your tire.

Check on the bike pressure of both tires. If the pressure is low, you will have to make an effort and fill. The wheel pressure is always essential since it can lead to total damage.

Glazed brake pads can be refreshed using a file for glazing. Always restore the original surface when done. Pads must be replaced when they hit beyond the wear indicator.

Benefits of proper carbon wheel maintenance

Bike handling becomes lighter due to the gyroscopic effect. The effect is best felt around the corners when riding. The ride will be smoother with road imperfection being absorbed more.

You will feel the complementing act between the frame and wheel. Optimization of tires potential and durability increases. You will not incur extra costs on the replacements.

Maintaining high speed becomes much safer. You experience a better ride on flats, downhill and climbing without feeling much difference.

The bike gets to prove its high aspect and great bearing. Without proper care, the experience will be terrible, and you may hate bikes all together.


The modern carbon wheels are durable and resistant to damage. This fact does not mean you should not take tire maintenance seriously. Without care, the wheels can crack, splint, shatter and delaminate when subjected to pressure. Preserve your carbon tires, and you shall experience the real meaning of durability.

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