Discovering How To Fully Utilize Bicycle Tools

Your simple bicycle maintenance can go much easier when you have and use the right tools.  If you frequently encounter minor faults with your bicycle this blog post is for you. Knowing the basic bicycle repair steps can prove handy in many situations. Continue reading to learn easy ways of fixing your bicycle to reduce your repair expenses.


If you are an enthusiastic outdoor person, cycling is likely one of your favorite outdoor activities. Whether it’s just a neighborhood ride or going on long rides with your friends or companions, having knowledge about basic bicycle repairs is always going to be handy.


There are several tools that you must have in your kit, these are: the patch tube, tire patch, spare chain link are essential for tire repairs in case of a puncture i your tire or break in the chain. The best way to fix the tube is to replace the entire inner tube. This is a very simple process and requires you to remove the entire inner tube and putting in the replacement tube, then pumping air into it, using your bicycle tire pump.


Another way of fixing a damaged or punctured tube is to patch it with a patching tube or foam to seal the air leak. This is done by pumping the tire’s tube with a lot of air till it reaches twice its normal size, then pouring water over the tube, the leak would be exposed by bubbles on the punctured part. Clean that is dry and applies your foam or patch to seal the hole. The patch must be applied with glue to allow it to stick longer; this glue must be bicycle glue and not the PVC type.


The chain can be fixed in several ways; however the most effective method is oiling it. Since most of the chain’s issues arise by it becoming stiff and making pedaling very hard or impossible. If the issue is related to the chain links, then it require a different procedure all together, it is recommended that a full chain change is done, this is necessary to avoid other complications after the links are fixed.


Another important repair procedure is installing a front tire; this procedure requires steady steps to avoid damaging the brake pads. If the bicycle’s break uses a quick release mechanism, use it to open the break before you proceed, if it uses a straddle wire, remove it and remember to reset the breaks after you are done.


The final step is to tighten the two axle nut on the bicycle wheels until the new wheels is firmly in place. A washer on each side of the nut is necessary to ensure they do not come loose .Ensuring the wheel is centered between the bicycle forks is also very important. The next step is testing, where you must hit each of the ends of the wheel to see, whether they fall off or not. If they pass this step then the bike is ready.


Bicycle repairs can be a very engaging activity when the right tools and steps are used. Check out catalog for some handy tools.


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