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There are various brands of road bikes tires you can choose. They come in several price tags and depending on your view; some maybe be cheap or expensive. The only good thing is that all income levels are catered for. Affordability is a significant consideration for many companies that penetrate the market.

Some prominent brand names are Reynolds, Shimano, zip, and Marvin. Many giant bicycles are now riding on carbon fiber tires. After few years of usage, this wheel type has been branded as the most exotic.

They are considered as performance product, a bit expensive and full of strength. The product has low weight and is durable. Carbon tires are items every rider dreams of since they are efficient. This article looks at the several varieties of carbon wheels and the prices.

  • Superteam carbon wheelset

This type of tire comes in three different colors; red, white and black. The current price is $389 and comes with free shipping by most online shops. Queen Bike sells the wheel. It has features like 700c decisive factor wheels, 50mm matte and the width is 23mm.

Rim finish has 3k matte brake line, 14mm drill, front 20 holes and 12-layer carbon on the brake track. It has been tested and passed EN quality standard test. The weight of the tire is currently at 1565grams.

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  • Zipp 404 carbon wheel

The wheel comes in both black and white colors. The price range from $946-$3,124. Zipp 404 carbon has an aerodynamic with 58mm rim depth and a wide. It has 24.73mm brake track that gives the tire a solid performance.

The design increases lateral stiffness for snappy corners. To solve the heating of carbon rims, the company has incorporated particular heat resistance resin in the carbon layout. This helps heat to dissipate and reduce chances for rim failure.

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  • Zip 808-Firecrest

The tire has two colors; white and black. Its price range is $1,024-$2,602. It is common to many due to the speed capabilities. It was named as the fastest wheel in the world.

The 808 is designed to slice via the wind.  It has an update on aerodynamic boundary layer control and sized dimples across the rim. This helps reduce the drag and enable efficient airflow.

The wheel weight is low meaning you will not experience hamstring when climbing a hill. Still, the wheel has overheating counter resin mechanism.

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  • Zipp 303 Firecrest

The price range for this type of tire is $924-$2,027 and has only two colors; black and white. It has been tested and passed the grueling cobbles of Roubaix. It carries the uniqueness of being the only tire to attain the above features.

The 303 model has 45mm rim depth that provides aerodynamic merits. It has a full 26.4mm brakes track that gives it a more comprehensive, reliable and stable property. You will speed up with confidence that wheels will jump into action like sprinting.

The wheel has aerodynamic boundary control layer that helps surface with smooth airflow. This will enable the tire slice to defy via the air.  The company also has applied subset to improve stiffness and durability.

  • ICAN carbon wheelset

ICAN Carbon wheelset is currently selling at $470 and comes with black and white color for you to choose. The tires have a rim that is made up of 69 folder layers of the aerospace grade. The strength and lightness are resolute of how the arrangement is made.

Its unique feature is the carbon construction layup that makes them stronger and lighter. This single method of carbon construction creates stronger, durable rims. The low weight with an average edge saves 15% of the cost and maintaining. The wheels have CX-Ray aero spoke that combines excellent aerodynamic.

  • VCYCE Nopea

The wheel price goes at $445 with 88mm decisive factor wheelset for the 700c tire. It has a basalt-braking surface that helps in resisting high temperatures. It also has high braking power for improving the braking effect.

The tires are manufactured in Taiwan. They produce a wheel that is durable, light and has 3-5 years lifespan. 23mm is suitable for elementary competition and training. The wheelset makes it have a lighter weight, stability and road sense. Lastly, the aerodynamics helps create a uniform airflow.

  • Mavic ksyrium

The wheel price currently is $1,274 with free shipping in most online service shops. The tire selling point in treacherous shoulder season is the Exalith II brake track. This process involves deep-penetrating chemical treatment.

The procedure helps in anodization that gives the rim its signature, dark pallor and improved stopping power. Exalith II increases braking by 18% during wet conditions. The edges are made of Mavic’s alloy, which is 30% resistance to fatigue.


  • Easton Haven

They are for mountain bikes, and prices range $349-$3,129$. It is a virtually indestructible wheel designed for rugged conditions. Mount these tires on your bike, hit some rock, and nothing will happen.

The company also offers a two-year warranty with no questions asked. The WE113-P model wheels weigh 1550g and have UD matte carbon finish.

  • Sunrise wheelset

The price tag is $359-$388 with a rim size of 700c*88mm decisive factor. The rim depth and width is 88mm and 23mm respectively. It has 20 spoke holes and 24 rear holes.

With it is a 12-layer carbon brake track and rider recommended weight stands at 120kg. The company offers accessories that come along with the tires such as brake pads and quick skewers.


The high carbon wheels are some of the best brands in the market. Their prices vary depending on the production cost and features. It is clear to you that the carbon made tires are the best models. Though expensive, they are durable, light, and reliable with upgraded aerodynamic features.

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