All you need is a full electric bicycle conversion kit . This is one of the most effective ways to convert a normal bicycle to an electric one.

By using a very genuine bicycle conversion kit, its reasonable to convert a bicycle to its electric counterpart in mere in a short time frame. This is not supposed to be a long affair .The first step is getting rid of the old wheel and and fixing an electric one in it’s place.

The controller and battery and the wiring is easy to attach and most kits come with the whole pair and in most a cases a manual to help make the process easier. After following the manual and getting your bicycle ready, the most interesting part of the journey begins .

Reasons For Converting To Electric Bicycle.

The electrical aid you receive from an electric bike , means you basically have a car and can ride with ease. There are several advantages of going electric . The most important one being the eco factor . With global warming reaching all time highs , bicycles should be the vehicle of choice for everyone, however bicycle can be hard to ride and stressful , this is where the electric bicycle shines . Not only does the bicycle serve as a transport vehicle its also a good exercising instrument, the electric bicycle helps in this aspect by allowing manual pedaling on demand , so you can cruise in electric mode on your way to work or school and ride casually back home when not in a hurry . This indeed is one of the greatest transportation related invention in the world.

Converting Your Bicycle To An Electric One would go unnoticed by most people, most bike conversion kits are very portable , with small water bottle shaped batteries designed to as unobtrusive as possible .

Now selecting the right power or conversion kit is very important since different countries require different tyoes of batteries and kits. The general sizes electric bike engines come in are 250W ,350W and 500W , however 250W is the most generally used and has a top speed of 25km/h in Europe and 350W with a top speed of 32km/h in the United States Of America .


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